Quitting My Job, Finishing My Novel, & A New Skincare Routine

I have been busy.

In light of my south node moving into my tenth house, I quit my job.

Kidding, kind of.

Nothing changes if you don’t change it, and I realized I couldn’t do anything else to make myself happier where I worked than what I’d already done. So, I quit. No safety net.

It was scary! But somehow I feel better unemployed than I can remember feeling for a while. I’ve written so much and I feel so good about it. I finished my novel! That’s a thing. And I’ve been editing that and re-writing my first project, too, and I’m getting so much done every day even between my job applications.

Everything is new, even what isn’t new feels new. Even my skincare routine is new! Even the perfume I’m wearing is new!

Anyway, I was gone but now I’m back(ish). Novel updates and some hauls coming soon, and a comparison of the Colourpop Blotted Lips to the Glossier Gen G’s.


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