Look y’all, I remembered the password to my blog đŸ™‚

So. 2016. I thought of a few ways to explain my absence or summarize that year in some way (I was sick! Seemingly my entire family also got sick in succession! I wrote another novel! I did x,y,z…) But it doesn’t really matter. It happened. I lived through it.

I hope to be blogging more than twice this year and up my previous record. I’ve got a few different ideas floating, the first of which I think may be to do a comparison review of two books I read Monday while out sick from work (The Goddess Test and Persephone’s Orchard, which, boy, did I have some feelings about), my own personal novel/writing/editing update, and perhaps even throw a few witchy posts(?) in the queue. I am also tempted to do a roundup of some things I bought recently or a “favorites” type deal…

What I’m saying is, I appreciate your patience as I try to get this blog sorted out and back on track in advance. I hope your 2017 is off to a wonderful start (or as good as possible in the current state of the world).

I’ll be seeing ya!



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