Editing Life

I want to talk a little bit about writing today. I’m chugging through some revisions to my current draft of my manuscript and…well, it’s just fresh on the brain, so why not?

Basically, I am desperate to finish this damn thing. Labor of love, yadda yadda, now I’m just kinda feeling like Job.  Beleaguered, and like I wanna take a nap that lasts a few days. (Surely that’s how Job felt, ya feel me?)

SO to track my progress and to bolster my false sense of accomplishment and perception that I have done more than I actually have, I exported all my little scenes and tidbits from Scrivener into Word and printed that sucker out on my work printer. It was nice to hold it and feel its weight, and if I put it in a massive binder to make it look and feel bigger that’s between me and god.

But to motivate myself and to get an idea of how long this should take me to get through the first round of nit-picking, basically every time I sit down to comb through it I use a different color pen and date in the margin when I leave off. This does a few things:

  1. I get to majorly guilt trip myself if there is a big gap between the last date in the margin I have and when I’m sitting down to go at it again
  2. I can look back and see I get on average x many pages done per day, and that makes the little light at the end of the tunnel seem a little closer.

I have a bunch of regular lined paper in the back of the binder and any additional new stuff I write (because I do have about…8? more scenes left to fill in a few spaces) (LMAO oh and the last half of the final scene of the fucking book) has to go there, because I am trying to keep off the electronic copy until I get through with these edits. That helps me make sure all of the pen and paper edits I’m making will get transferred into the final version, when I get there, and that I don’t get distracted on the internet when I’m supposed to be working.

Not that that ever happens anyway. I would never, say,  blog instead of working.

Anyway, I’m only on page 30 so this doesn’t matter either way! (:


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