Eve: The Awakening





So I’m in the middle of reading Eve: The Awakening by Jenna Moreci. Well, a little more than halfway through, and I wanted to have a little chat about it.

Obviously I can’t have a fully formed opinion on the book yet, as I haven’t finished it. There are definitely one or two things that have kind of rubbed me strangely so far – things I’m not sure I totally buy; but I’m wholly impressed with it, overall. I think the pacing is something that other writers should aspire to, particularly. It never feels rushed or slags behind – it’s kind of perfect, to be honest.

Is that a weird thing to say? I think it’s one thing to be impressed with the premise or the setting/characters being new or interesting (and I’m not saying that it isn’t a feat on its own to have those in a book), but it’s a separate kind of admiration I have recognizing someone for being good at the ~*craft*~ of writing. How fucking bougie does that sound? The craft of writing.

 A few other things I love about EVE, kept vague because spoilers are for the birds:

  1. A healthy romantic relationship between the two main characters
  2. Percy
  3. A well thought out and unique premise and setting
  4. Percy and Sanchez
  5. Doesn’t take itself too seriously – like, it’s not a goddamn downer to read, even if serious shit is going down
  6. Percy and Eve
  7. Anatomically possible action sequences
  8. Percy
  9. Percy and Jason
  10. Actually, let me reiterate that I really enjoy Jason and Eve together and how natural their relationship came into being and how it’s been evolving. It pleases me in the cold, dark recesses of my cave-like heart.
  11. Percy

I will be finishing this lil’ guy by the end of the week, and maybe I will update this post then. In sum, though, let’s just say I think even if you don’t normally like sci-fi, you will probably still enjoy this book. Oh, you do normally enjoy sci-fi? Then you will definitely enjoy this book.

Also, I believe a sequel is happening?? I would very much like for a sequel to happen. I’d even take the same  book told from Percy’s point of view, even if I usually hate that trick on principle. Because Percy.

It’s going to be a miserably cold Monday for me tomorrow (unless it snows, fingers crossed, and I get the day off work); but I hope y’all have a good week. 🙂

Cheers till next time!


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