One Lovely Blog Award

What the heck? I surrender to my moroseness with reckless abandon and get rewarded for it?? What??? (Why does life off the internet not work like this?)


So, Miss Phi from Miss Phi’s Bookshelf very generously nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award because she is, apparently, a gem of a human. (In addition to having like, a straight-up beautiful blog; beautiful just to look at. Please go peruse through it!)

“The Rules” ask that I list a few facts about myself before nominating some other blogs to share the love. Certainly these will be the most enthralling thing you read today hopefully not too painful, because far be it from me to not play by the rules in someone else’s sandbox.

  1. Easy ones first: I’m working through second draft revisions of my first manuscript. And while I can say it is “going,” I can’t say it is “going well.”
  2. My biggest regret of 2015 was taking an hour of my annual leave time to leave work early to catch the double feature of The Avengers the day Age of Ultron came out. Time I will never get back – could have been used to do a number of more enjoyable things than watch that cesspool of poor characterization. 🙂
  3. I’m the worst typist in the world despite a) being a semi committed writer, b) having a literal desk job where I am on my computer 80% of the day, and c) being a millennial. I’ve got grandma hands.
  4. My music tastes make me straight up embarrassed? I listen to a lot of the same music I did in, like, high school. I don’t really branch out a whole lot even though that would probably improve my quality of life.
  5. I comfort myself knowing I’m resistant to change by looking at my horoscope and blaming it on that. I am the “astrology friend” in my lil’ group – I know all my people’s current transits. (Everyone has an “astrology friend,” right?) (Like how in elementary school there was always the “obsessed with horses” friend?)
  6. I have put graduate school off for another semester because I am apparently Not Good at Living.
  7. I order takeout from the same place every Friday night, and the employees there and I are on that level where we exchange Christmas gifts.

Now the actual fun part of this is recommending other fine folks. Let me impart some knowledge on you right quick (in no order except alphabetical because it is so calming to look at, isn’t it?):

  1. A Bundle of Books
  2. Astrology Marina
  3. Book Rantings
  4. Fruminous Reads Books
  5. Sarmichell3
  6. Short Story Long
  7. Wrote You a Novel

Thanks again to Miss Phi. I hope y’all are all having a good week – I’ll be posting this weekend about a book I’m reading because I don’t know if I can wait until I’m finished with it to talk about it!! Hint:




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