Current Favorites

Remember when I said I’d post a Top 5 Wednesday yesterday? Well, my place of employment and the BPD train came and derailed me and I’m still trying to claw my way back up. Hopefully I will get that posted later, but right now I wanted to make myself feel better living out a pipe dream while I drink beer and eat grilled cheese.

So let me tell you a little secret.

I’ve always wanted to be a beauty blogger. I don’t think I’m alone in this, but I’ve never really attempted to join that *particular* group, number one because it is overwhelming, number two because I don’t think I have that much to add that’s unique to the hundreds and hundreds of other bloggers/YT folks currently out there.

But here I am, flinging this into the void because – mostly because – of a face wash.

1. Pacifica Kale Detox Face Wash

I was on my way out of Ulta the other week and somehow, magically, mysteriously, this bottle magnetized itself to my hand. Crazy, right?


I remember McKenzie Mann mentioning this…several months ago now, I think. She included it in one of her favorites videos, and I can see why. This gets my face clean without feeling dry or tight, and my skin has been much smoother since using it. My skin isn’t super oily, like it was when I was younger, but I’m still #blessed with clogged pores if I’m lazy with my skin and this is a perfectly balanced cleanser for it. It does smell like the inside of an EarthFare, but I’m willing to put up with it if my skin keeps looking so good.

2. Simple Smoothing Face Scrub

This is another impulse buy. I have a problem.

I’ve been staying away from exfoliating for a while because my skin has been growing more sensitive…but this is mild but not useless, if that makes sense? I’ve tried scrubs that are so gentle they are truly a waste of money, time, and effort, but this leaves my skin soft and a little more moisturized than  before I used it. I use this two – three times a week and in conjunction with my Pacifica face wash and some argan oil, I’ve been more than happy to go makeup free for the majority of December and the start of 2016.

3. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous

Being said, sometimes you need to look last minute put together when you aren’t wearing any makeup else-wise. This is such a pretty, bright coral (more on the side of orange) and it brightens up my face so nicely on-the-fly. I slipped it on this week when I had an impromptu meeting at work on an otherwise scrubby day and after pulling my hair back into a nice high pony  no one was the wiser I woke up twenty five minutes late and hadn’t even bothered to fill in my eyebrows or dry my hair. On my way to the meeting, I tried to take a picture but failed miserably (another reason why beauty blogging isn’t for me):

selfie fail


4. G by Guess Belva Boots


You know those Christmas gifts you end up accidentally buying yourself when you’re supposed to be shopping for other people? (Maybe you don’t, and I’m just a horribly selfish soul, idk). These boots were one of those gifts. I got both the black and taupe (I think Guess calls it “Wild Dove”) at TJ Maxx shopping for my sister for like $30 each? For boots, I thought that was a good deal, and I mean– look at them. The sparkle on the tongue! The zippers! I’ve been wanting a pair of combat boots forever and these are comfortable and make me feel like a badass when I wear them. I also think they look better the longer you wear them and break them in – luckily enough, I don’t think I’ve worn any other shoe but these since I bought them. It only gets better from here!

5. Never Forget You, Zara Larsson 

Current earworm! I listen to this at the gym, at work, when I’m editing/writing – it’s so catchy and a lil atmospheric. I haven’t heard any of her other songs but I guess that’s what the rest of January is for 🙂

Thanks for bearing with me as I live out this impossible dream. What are your start of the year favorites? I hope to have at least one post out by Monday at the latest – either my belated Top 5 Wednesday (Top 5 Fandoms), a discussion of Burning Kingdoms, the second in the Internment Chronicles series, or a lil talk about Jessica Jones. (Any preference in the crowd between these?)

Until then, I’m in my writing hole (that’s code for dicking around on tumblr or watching Mr. Robot) – hope y’all are having a good week, and have an even better weekend!




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