New Year, Not New Me

Ayyyy, aren’t I clever?

Seriously, how many of these types of posts are we seeing on the internet today? (How many facebook posts must we endure? Suddenly everyone you knew from high school is out of the woodworks and ready to “make a change”).


I sound jaded, but this type of resolution-stuff is not always inherently horrible. Still, I think more often than not we make these promises to ourselves to totally overhaul our lives and mid February are wholly burnt out for setting unreachable goals. I’ve never really done New Year’s resolutions, number one because I am averse to change of any kind (thank you, astrology) (yes, that is what I’m blaming it on), and number two because I think it basically forces me into an inevitable slump. Look at what I would have, could have, should have been doing the past year.  And that’s no way to set the tone for the year ahead.

2015 was a bizarre year. It was messy and disappointing as much as it was empowering and wonderful and I’m not too eager to try and change too much about myself just because this cold hard space rock made another orbit around our little dying star, because I quite like the chutzpah I gained over the last 365 days. I wrote the first draft of my first novel, I landed a permanent position at a job I mostly love – more importantly one that will allow me to get my Master’s, I drank more water, and started doing things that made me feel better. I said no when I wouldn’t have before, pruned people out of my life that didn’t belong there, I started treating myself to a Massage Envy membership, and I stopped being paralyzed by the thought of not doing or being “good enough.”

And sometime in December I decided that I would try to take better advantage of this renewed spring in my step by trying quarterly goals. Some of these are just continuing things I did last year…but it’s sometimes nice to have the reminder 🙂

So in lieu of a New Year’s resolution, here are my 1st Quarter Goals for 2016:

  1. Complete second draft of manuscript
  2. Go to gym at least three nights a week
  3. Register for classes in the fall
  4. Set up visits and get applications together for new apartment
  5. Read at least 4 books a month
  6. Learn to make mama’s biscuits (she has a v. specific process. I won’t be judged).
  7. Write 100 pages
  8. Bring lunch to work instead of eating out! Let’s say 4 days a week.
  9. Start shopping around for editors

I know I’ve been snarky, but does anyone have a New Year’s resolution? Do you usually keep them? What are your quarterly goals?

I hope everyone’s 2016 is kind and instructive. I’ve just finished Perfect Ruin by Lauren DeStefano, so expect a review of that coming real soon. Reeeaaal soon, because it was the dark horse of my bookshelf and I have things to say about it. I’ve also got a post queued up about Jessica Jones, my angel of light and liquor.

Till we meet again – toodlepip!


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