Where the Hell Have I Been?

Get around,’round, ’round, I get around~

Ahaha. No, seriously, remember when I promised you a review of Uprooted? Remember before life took over, forcing me to live outside of the internet?



So, yes. The past month has been the busiest, most hectic, painful, beautiful of the year (including that one time I wrote a novel in a month).

It’s been back to back with work crises (some of which culminated into a painfully unproductive trip to HR), family drama, holiday stress (seriously, so much shopping. My wallet aches. I am on a 2016 no buy until the rest of my life), all sandwiched with the best Christmas my family has had in years, and the kind of terrifying eureka moment about my current manuscript that has me excited to rewrite…and simultaneously horrified and overwhelmed. Like, really overwhelmed. Did I mention that I’m overwhelmed? It was my goal to have the whole thing finished by December 31, and 2016 could be the “YEAR OF EDITING” but honestly I probably shouldn’t be surprised when things don’t go to plan anymore.

So, life has kept me away. But I’m back now! (For now!)  The bffl and I are doing a book-a-week challenge in 2016, and I still have several books I’d like to get through before January 1. So lots of book-geekery to follow. Little talk on Uprooted coming soon, I swear, and a few other goodies.

2015 has been a rough one, but here’s to blind optimism in 2016 – cheers!


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