Adulting and Tea

Today after I finish my second cup of tea (it’s that kind of morning), I have to clean the house to get ready for the tree and finish some Christmas shopping – like “go out of the house” Christmas shopping, which so far through the power of the internet I’ve been able to avoid. Being an adult isn’t all fun and games and day drinking.

But I am also going to go pick up some things for my altar at home and some tea supplies, which I’m looking forward to curl up with tonight after I hopefully get things wrapped and settled while I finish Uprooted. I bought a little quartz loose tea infuser last night when I was getting some things for the bffl and sister and I’m looking forward to some witchy teas, which I’ve been tracking down ideas for since my cold last week had me raiding my cabinets in desperation throwing some last minute blends together, which was almost fun when I could breathe long enough to enjoy it.

At one point I was just desperate for anything to soothe my throat and give me some damn peace I think I threw half my spice cabinet into my little po-dunk, impromptu coffee filter tea bag, (Mint, Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Cinnamon) which was actually nice. The steam and smell was soothing and helped clear my sinuses a bit and I added a little glug of honey and it especially helped my throat. So now I’m a woman with a mission and a rapidly expanding herb/spice collection. 🙂

And moreover, I’m looking forward to Christmas this year, which isn’t always the case. But I think I’m in a good headspace for it, and I’ve been at day-job for a year now so I’m feeling secure and ready to blow my next two paychecks on gifts.

I queued a little post the other day about A Court of Thorns and Roses for this morning, and hopefully I’ll finish Uprooted tonight and get a post lined up for the start of next week. Until then I’ll enjoy my tea and my handful of Cheez-Its breakfast (brunch??) because I am 100% a Functioning Responsible Adult™ with their act together.

Toodle pip!


Adulting and Tea has turned into Adulting and Beer. I even have actual food for an actual dinner in the oven as we speak – so adult. Adult AF. Moreover, I got a bulk of my shopping done today, and I was able to bring home for myself…

Exhibit A: A GWP from Ulta – a VERY SOFT CUDDLY ROBE with a SHEARLING HOOD (!!!) I repeat: SHEARLING HOOD.  I had no idea the coziness I was bereft of before this 1

Exhibit B: These pretty little bronze votives for my (work in progress) altar from the Dollar Tree (I repeat: Dollar Tree).photo 2

And exhibit C: beer. No pics, sorry. Here’s one of one of the dogs instead:

photo 2


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