So, I had a post queued up that I wanted to edit and have up Monday about a book I read while being ill over the holidays, but everything started playing second fiddle to the NaNo crackdown I implemented Sunday afternoon through Monday at 11:11pm when I crossed that 50k finish line. (And yesterday to getting caught up on actual-job work).

Between being sick and my birthday and the holidays and work and…well, life – (like everyone else, I know) – I was behind AF when the weekend came and I looked in horror upon my computer desktop calendar to realize November was almost over, and I had thirteen thousand words to write in less than two days.

Problem? No problem. I pretended I was in college again when I did my best work on a procrastination induced time crunch. (Well, not my best work. The things you tell yourself when you’re in denial). This was no different than that time I turned my senior thesis in at 11:59 pm the day it was due. And honestly, some of it was the worst writing I’ve done on the whole project so far. But some of it was the sharpest, and I’m absolutely happy to have gotten half-way through with my novel in a month with some of the personal bests I’ve been able to reach behind me. I still have another 50k to go, probably, until the story is finished and I can spend 2016 editing like the wind.

Literally like the wind, where I just kind of make whistling noises and blow on my computer screen trying to make the commas move to the right places.

Next up, a lil’ discussion about one of my greatest kryptonites: reinterpretations of Persephone and Hades.


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